What is Pet'SElixir ?
Pet'SElixir is an all natural food supplement for pets that is made of
MOOR-PEAT. It contains more than 380 medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals,
nutrients and acids
that are essential for healthy diet, prevention of diseases,

and digestion. Many pets today develop health problems because of the food they eat. Canned
foods and dry foods are not necessarily the healthiest options and do not provide the needed
ingredients that help prevent diseases, regulate digestion, and promote growth.

Pet'SElixir detoxifies and cleanses the digestive system and restores it to its natural working order.
It strengthens the immune system and keeps it active at its full capacity while also eliminating all
bacteria, parasites and worms in a complete and natural way.
Pet'SElixir also prevents flea
infestation and speeds up recovery. It contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help the
pet's coat to be full and shiny and eliminate all skin allergies, rashes, itchiness and shedding. Many
pets, specifically dogs, have an unnatural odor when they sweat, which may come from bad
digestion. Dogs cannot process all the ingredients in the unnatural processed canned and dry foods
they consume, which have to emit through the pores in their skin, creating an unnatural odor.

repairs digestion and allows pets to digest all the ingredients found in their food,
eliminating all unnatural odors and smells.
Pet'SElixir is a product that guards, prevents and corrects
the unwanted developments in a pet's digestive system naturally, and returns their health and
immune system to its former strength.

Pet'SElixir is a new product in the United States, it is well-known and has been used by many
people in Europe for decades. The results from scientific studies show that
Pet'SElixir has many
beneficial effects on your pets' health.